Sunday 1st November 2020
Parramatta, Western Sydney, NSW


The Marathon course completes two laps of the John Whitton Bridge, Bennelong Bridge and Silverwater Bridge loop.

Elevation Gain/Loss: 262m/-262m

Elevation Gain/Loss: 98m/-98m

Elevation Gain/Loss: 61m/-61m

Elevation Gain/Loss: 61m/-61m

There are marshalled feed stations along the course. At the feed stations, runners will have access to the following:

Distances to Feed Stations

42.2km runners will have access to four feed stations, at 4km, 10km, 17km, 23km, 30km & 37km.

21.1km runners will have access to three feed stations, at 4km, 10km & 17km.

9km runners will have access to one feed stations, at 4km.

There are no feed stations on the 5km course.

Cups (for Tailwind Endurance Fuel and water) will be provided at all the feed stations as an option if you don't wish to carry a hydration pack/water bottle. If you wish to purchase a reusable cup instead of using the provided plastic cups, you may do so when registering for the event online.