Three Bridges Run is proudly supporting The Run Beyond Project.

The Run Beyond Project uses running as a mechanism to empower high school students in need. We train teachers to implement the program in their schools, with students they know best. These deserving young people, from a range of marginalised backgrounds, work towards the completion of a challenging but achievable goal race, and explore how the skills required to do so, including goal-setting, commitment and resilience, can be transferred to a range of other fields.

Your support helps us get these students to the finish line, and gives them the confidence and capabilities to thrive beyond it.

How can I support the Run Beyond Project?

1. Register for the Three Bridges Run

2. Donation Upon Registration – When you register for the event via the online registration system you can make a donation to Run Beyond as part of your entry. Just select the pre-set dollar amount you would like to donate.

4. Say hello and have a chat to The Run Beyond Project team, volunteers and runners at the Three Bridges Run event in October!

5. Visit The Run Beyond Project website for more information on how you can be involved