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What do I take with me out on the course?

Aid stations will be positioned around the course where runners can fill up their hydration packs/bottles with water and Tailwind Nutrition or use the cups provided. If you wish to purchase a reusable cup instead of using the provided plastic cups, you may do so when registering for the event online. Be sun smart – much of the route is exposed and even on cloudy days you can get burnt so please take a hat and sunscreen. Please note that the course for the Three Bridges Run will not be cordoned off for the event to the public, so runners need to be careful when overtaking each other and be courteous to other users.


Can I run with a pram?

Yes, you can participate with a pram.  We just ask that you be mindful of other runners and maybe start at the back of the line, so that you don’t interfere with other runners starting the race. Your timing chip on your race bib does not start until you cross the Start line.  Please also refer to the Course Information, so that you are familiar with the course and that there may be a limited number of stairs on the course.

Can I transfer my race entry to another person?

Yes, please refer to the Transfers section of the website.

Can I change from one distance to another distance?

Yes, if you are registered for the 42km, 21km, 9km or 5km distance, you can either downgrade or upgrade. For details on how to upgrade your registration, please refer to the following Active FAQ and if you wish to downgrade in distance, please email us at [email protected].

Is there a bag drop available?

Yes, there will be a bag drop for the event (normally the tent is located nearby the registration tent on the day).  A volunteer will be present throughout the event to receive and return items to participants on the day. You will need to provide your own bag however bag tags will be available at the bag drop tent for you to attach to your items on the day. Please make sure your gear is clearly marked with your name and race number using the provided marker pens for the bag tag. Once you have completed the event, show the volunteer your race number for them to provide you with your stored gear.

Am I able to run the course before the event?

Yes, the course is open to the general public as it follows public pathways. Please refer to the Course section of the website.

Are spectators allowed to come and watch me race?

Spectators are welcome at the Start and Finish area and anywhere along the course. Remember though that no outside assistance is permitted at the event.

Is public transport available to the event?

Please refer to the Transport section of the website for further information.

Where does the event start?

The race starts and finishes at Western Sydney UniversityParramatta Campus, Fifth St, Parramatta NSW 2150.

Will my race bib be mailed to me prior to the event?

No personalised race bibs will be mailed to participants prior to the event. All participants will need to attend Registration on the day to collect their race bib for the event. Safety pins will be available at registration on race day. Please wear your race bib on the front of your shirt, on your chest, where it is clearly visibly or by using a race number belt if you prefer.

Will my pre-purchased merchandise be mailed to me prior to the event?

No. All pre-purchased merchandise will be available to collect on race day at the registration / merchandise tent.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw from the event?

Please refer to the Refunds & Cancellations section of the website for further information.

What time does the event start?

Please refer to the Race Schedule for further information.

Is a support crew needed for the event?

No, you will be starting and finishing in the same location. You don’t need a support crew for this event.

Are there any aid stations?

There are marshalled Aid Stations along the course. At the aid stations, runners will have access to the following:

  • First Aid
  • Water
  • Tailwind Nutrition
  • Selection of lollies
  • Potato chips

Cups (for Tailwind Nutrition and water) will be provided at all the aid stations as an option if you don’t wish to carry a hydration pack/water bottle. Please dispose of any cups in the rubbish bins located after each Aid Stations and do not just discard them on the ground when running. The rubbish bins will be placed along the event route approximately 50-100m past the corresponding Aid Station. Alternatively, please hold onto any cups and dispose of in the next bin you come across on the event route. If you wish to purchase a reusable cup instead of using the provided plastic cups, you may do so when registering for the event online. This helps reduce the amount of waste produced by the event and reduces the impact on the environment. At the Event Centre, there will be access to water via a portable water station for drinking or refilling bottles. Please refer to the Aid Stations page for information on the distances between each Aid Station.

How will I know where to go on the course?

On the day of the event, the course will be marked with brightly coloured markers for easy guidance. Marshals will also be positioned at critical points along the course for extra guidance where needed. The course outline and markings will be discussed at the race briefing prior to the commencement of the event.

How fit or skilled do I need to be?

With four race distance options (5km, 9km, 21km & 42km) you have the choice to enter the event that best suits your skill and fitness level. Nothing that can’t be walked if you are uncomfortable running all the way.


Is the event AIMS certified?

No, the Three Bridges Run is not an AIMS certified event.

Are there any pacers?

No, we don’t have pacers for this event.

Will I be given a start wave time for my respective course distance?

There are no ‘start wave times’ for each course distance other than the designated course start time. Participants will need to self-seed themselves within the group of competitors for their course distance and will head off at 5 second intervals in groups of 5. Please line up according to your goal finish time and running ability. Please give way to faster runners behind if asked. Your race time doesn’t begin until you cross the timing mat at the start line therefore there’s no need to worry about being disadvantage if you have self-seeded yourself towards the back of your group.

Are earphones allowed in the race?

Yes earphones are fine to use if you want to listen to music but if you could please be considerate of other runners and path users by only having one in your ear that would help so that you can hear if people are wanting to get past you.

Is there a Runner List published before the event?

A Runner List which includes runners allocated race bib number and age category will be emailed to runners 2 days before the event in the Last Minute Info email as well as published on the event website in the Last Minute Info Latest News post. The list will not be published before this time.

What if I am a slow runner, will I be able to walk the course?

There are no time cut offs for the 5km, 9km or 21km course, however, on the 42km course if you are not back to the turnoff back into Western Sydney University by midday (5 hrs after the start time), you will be directed to finish at this point (33km). We expect the slowest runners to complete the 21km course in approx 4 hrs. We expect the slowest runners to complete the 42km course in approx 6 hrs. All courses will be closed at 1:00pm so all competitors will need to be off course by this time.

Are there prizes for this event?

Yes. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in each age category for the 9km, 21km and 42km events courtesy of our event sponsors. Winners must be at the prize giving to receive their prize, nothing will be posted.

Will I receive a finishers t-shirt for finishing the event?

No, we do not give out complimentary finishers t-shirts. If you would like to purchase a limited edition event t-shirt, this needs to be pre-purchased with your online entry, or added online after entering, see Merchandise for further information. Orders must be placed by the cut-off date. Merchandise is to be collected on race day (no merchandise is mailed out prior to the event).

Will I receive a medal for finishing the event?

All finishers will receive a finishers medal after completion of the course.

Are there any time cut offs?

There are no time cut offs for the 5km, 9km or 21km course, however, on the 42km course if you are not back to the turnoff back into Western Sydney University by midday (5hrs after the start time), you will be directed to finish at this point (33km). All courses will be closed at 1:00pm so all competitors will need to be off course by this time.

What are the expected finish times?

We expect the fastest runners to complete the 42km course in under 3 hours, the 21km course in just over 1 hour and the fastest 9km runners in approx 30 minutes.  We expect the slower runners/walkers to be able to complete the 21km course in 4 hours and the 42km course in 6 hours.